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Welcome to my brain.

Everyone feels like they are "out of their element" at one point or another. I seem to feel that way a lot of the time. To cope with this, I started to write all my feelings down in my journal. I soon realized that other people might relate to me as well. Thus, "Not in My Element" was born. Here's a little bit about me: I live in San Francisco and am getting my masters in English Composition at SFSU, or as Bay Area residents refer to as "State". If you would like to read some of my academic work, kindly click right here. I'm originally from Orange County. Yes, The OC. No, it is not like the show at all. Trust me, I get that a lot. I recently took up painting and I enjoy cooking new recipes. At the same time, I also tend to pass out on the couch after a night out at 2:00 am, waking up to the sound of construction with a thrilling ache between my temples. I started this blog because I thought it would be a good way for me to waste my time and your time instead of working on whatever we're supposed to be doing instead. Enjoy the mayhem!

If you'd like to contact me click here:

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